18. April 2017

ILLUMINAVERO speaks English – and Scottish

ILLUMINAVERO specialises in LED-based lighting systems. We support our customers in the development and manufacture of illumination devices, aiming at finding straightforward solutions even when the degrees of freedom for the optical design are severely limited due to demanding mechanical and thermal constraints.
Together with our customers, we work out the exact requirements of the lighting system to be developed, mainly what kind of light (spectrum, beam angle, projection pattern, etc.) is actually required and which constraints exist on the luminaire (cooling requirement and thermal scenario, size constraints, mounting issues, environmental and surrounding conditions, control parameters etc.) Based on these requirements, we can select the light sources such as particular types of LEDs, simulate the optics, render the illumination in the appropriate scenery and come up with a suitable thermal concept and find or specify the peripherals, such as power supplies, LED drivers etc.
As most of our existing customers want to manufacture the lighting systems by themselves, we carry out the actual technical and mechanical design in close collaboration with them.

Past and present projects entail
– Art illumination: shining that light onto a work of art that was present at its inception – to give the identical viewing sensation. Development of an extremely compact, multi-LED light engine with variable beam properties and adjustable spectrum
– Retrofit of street lamps: replacing 150W incandescent lights by 36 LED-lighting
– Microscope illumination
– Digital projectors
– Signal lighting
– Back side lighting for mobile phones for the Chinese market
– Optical sensors for medical and industrial purposes
– Tailor-made illumination for industrial imaging, including multi-spectral imaging

Our own projects are focused on daylight simulation and full-colour adjustable luminaires. Currently the range consists of flat light panels of 1m2 area and above as well as LED spots that project square and rectangular spots with sharp edges and beam angles between 10 and 60°.
All types use the entire visible spectrum, for example allowing daylight settings “sunrise”, “noon” or “afternoon sun”. Near perfect colour rendition is ensured. Simpler single colour and RGB solutions can be provided.

Doing business across the water? Well, the continent still isn’t cut off– for the time being at least it should be possible to penetrate the fog… You can do business with me as I do business with my British customers and manufacturing partners. If business becomes brisk, I might revive my London based company, Lucius Verus Ltd.

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